Beyond London Tours

London's Blue Badge Tourist Guides are qualified to guide in key sites outside the capital.  They can help you with both practical aspects of your day and guide you through the attractions at each location. Here are just a few of the out of town destinations you can visit with a Blue Badge Tourist Guide.

Bath, as its name suggests, is all about water. Standing on the site of Britain's only hot springs, the city's origins are the stuff of legend.  The Romans arrived in the 1st century AD and built a series of baths not just for religious reasons but for recreation, health and hygiene too. 

This grouping of ancient stone circles has to be one of the mysterious places you'll ever visit precisiely because nobody has a clue just why it was built.

This delightful town on the banks of the River Avon is celebated around the world as the birthplace of the most famous playwright in the English language, William Shakespeare.

This beautiful medieval town is famous for being home to England's oldest university. Like so many other visitors you will no doubt be surprised to see how difficult it is to tell where the town ends and the university begins.

This charming market town, with its breathtaking cathedral, dates back to the 13th century when, legend has it, an arrow was shot and Salisbury was founded where it landed.

This World Heritage Site city is home to a cathedral that is not only the oldest in the country but also the site of the martydom of Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170.  As a result Canterbuey Cathedral became a place of pilgrimage, recorded so vividly by Geoffrey Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales.

Not only is Windsor the world's largest castle, it's also the oldest one to have been lived in continuously since it was built almost a millennium ago. And since this is the Queen's primary (and favourite, we're told) residence, a visit is an absolute must.