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Guide London A to Z: Letter M

Guide London A – Z: Letter M London Landmarks And Tourist Attractions

How many London landmarks and tourist attractions can you name that start with the Letter M? Blue Badge Tourist Guide Mark Conroy continues our Guide London A-Z video series and provides insights on the historical events, famous and not-so-famous landmarks in London starting with the Letter M.

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Harrison H4 clockwork, at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Photo Credit: © Mike Peel via Wikimedia Commons.

John Harrison H4 – World’s Most Important Clock Can Be Seen In Greenwich, London

Which is the most important clock in the world? Many visitors to London would answer ‘Big Ben,’ even though this is officially the name of the bell behind it rather than the clock itself. However, as a London blue badge guide, I would say that the world’s most important timepiece is the John Harrison H4 which can be seen in the Greenwich Royal Observatory museum near where the Prime Meridian is marked on the ground.

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A Dance to the Music of Time, 1640, Wallace Collection, London. Photo Credit: © Public Domain.

Poussin And The Dance Exhibition At The National Gallery In London

Paintings of dancing maenads, maidens, and a cavorting Bacchus in beautifully choreographed compositions are the subject of this themed exhibition which will be at the National Gallery from 9th October to 2nd January next year. Dance – both secular and religious – is one of the great themes in Western Art.

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