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James Bond 007 Quiz – 20 Questions on the Books & Films

With the new James Bond 007 movie Spectre starring Daniel Craig set for release on 26 October, we thought we’d put together a quiz.  Specifically, below are ten questions each about the James Bond 007 books and films.  How many will you answer correctly?  


1. In what year was Casino Royale, the first Bond book published?

2. How many cigarettes had Bond smoked by the end of the first day in this book?

3. Which school(s) did James Bond attend?

4. What was the name of the estate where Ian Fleming wrote the Bond books?

5. In which book was Bond ‘killed’?

6. What was the name of the woman Bond married?

7. How did James Bond’s parents die?

8. Which book did James Bond write?

9. How old was Ian Fleming when he died?

10. Which children’s book did he write?

Ian Fleming - James Bond First Edition Books


1. Who was the first person to portray James Bond on screen?

2. How much was Sean Connery paid the first time he portrayed Bond?

3. How much for the last time?

4. Which is the only film series to have grossed more than the James Bond one?

5. Which painting is featured in both Skyfall and Mr Turner?

6. Where was the skyscraper fight scene filmed in Skyfall?

7. Who played Bond more often – Sean Connery or Roger Moore?

8. Who has portrayed both James Bond and a Bond villain?

9. How old was Roger Moore when he last played Bond?

10. What does SPECTRE stand for?

Are you confident in your answers regarding the James Bond 007 books and films?   Check below. 

James Bond 007 Film - Dr No


1. 1953

2. 70

3. Eton College and Fettes, Edinburgh (same school as Tony Blair).

4. Goldeneye (also the name of a wartime operation Fleming was involved in).

5. From Russia With Love – he was brought back to life for the next book Dr No.

6. Countess Teresa di Vicenzo (known as Tracey).

7. Killed in a climbing accident.

8. Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies – by the original James Bond, an ornithologist. 9. 56 (two Bond books were published after his death).

10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


1. Barry Nelson, an American television actor in a tv adaptation of Casino Royale, in which Bond is American and for which Ian Fleming was paid $1000.

2. £20,000 – which, not surprisingly, he thought was not enough.

3. £5 million (for Never Say Never Again, a remake of Thunderball).

4. Harry Potter (allowing for inflation, Bond is ahead).

5. The Fighting Temeraire by Turner. (Bond meets Q by the painting at the National Gallery).

6. Broadgate Tower, Bishopsgate (the scene is set in Macau).

7. The same – seven, although the last Connery film was the ‘unofficial’ Never Say Never Again.

8. Toby Stephens – as 007 on Radio Four’s Bond adaptations and as Gustav Graves in Die Another Day.

9. 58 – in A View to a Kill.

10. Special Executive for Counter Intelligence and Extortion (the name of next film).

How did you do? Did your knowledge of James Bond 007 leave you with a low score that ensures you’ll be stuck in Miss Moneypenny’s typing pool or did you outshine and are now ready for the full secret agent training with a licence to kill?  Here’s hoping the latter!  

Edwin Lerner

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