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Guide London A – Z: Letter A London Landmarks And Tourist Attractions

How many London landmarks and tourist attractions can you name that start with the Letter A? Blue Badge Tourist Guide Nick Salmond kicks off our Guide London A – Z video series highlighting some popular and lesser-known tourist attractions beginning with the Letter A.

London landmarks and tourist attractions that begin with the Letter A

This is the Guide London A to Z. I am Nick Salmond a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide, looking at the Letter A.

Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial celebrates the life of Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria, who died at the age of 42. Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott it stands 176 feet or 54 meters tall sheltering a statue of the prince facing south. The freeze of Panisius runs around the base and depicts 169 individual composers architects poets painters and sculptors. It took over 10 years to complete the £120 000 cost was met by public subscription.

Admiralty Arch

Admiralty Arch lies at the east end of the mall. The great processional route leading from Buckingham Palace. Designed by Aston Webb it used to be the residence of the first sea lord and was used by the admiralty. In 2012 the government sold the building and it is currently being redeveloped as a Waldorf Astoria luxury hotel.

Abbey Road

Just north of Regents Park, you’ll find Abbey Road home of the famous zebra crossing as featured on the cover of the Beatles album. The crossing acts as a mecca for Beatles fans from around the world, many of whom leave their tribute on the studio walls.

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is the birthplace of television. The building stands on the hill affording a magnificent view of London. A huge transmitting mast on the roof reveals that it was here in 1936 that the BBC launched the world’s first high-definition television service.

All Hallows

All Hallows by the tower is one of the oldest churches in the City of London. Standing next to the Tower of London, from the church tower the diarist Samuel Pepys watched London burn during the great fire of 1666. William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania was baptized inside the church.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

One of the strangest sites is the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in east London built for the 2012 Olympics. The tower stands 114 meters high and it is Britain’s largest piece of public art. Designed by Sir Anish Kapoor and Cecil Belmont, visitors can take a lift to the top and, if feeling brave, descend by the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide.

Apsley House

Apsley House is known as Number One, London. This beautiful Georgian building was the London home of the first Duke of Wellington and has changed very little since he occupied it in the years following his great victory at the battle of waterloo in 1815. Revel in one of the finest art collections in London with pages by Velasquez and Rubens as well as a wonderful collection of silver and porcelain.

These are just some of the tourist attractions you can find in London which begins with the Letter A. My name is Nick Salmond and you can check out my profile at our website

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