Emily Baker

The Voyage Of The Mayflower

The Mayflower story has an almost mythological status in American history, particularly in the northeast of America where I grew up. Unfortunately, the story of Plymouth Colony traditionally has been told from the perspective of the Mayflower sailors. In fact, a sophisticated Native American society had long been established in Patuxet before English settlers claimed this land and renamed it Plymouth.

As a Mayflower descendant, I take a personal interest in honouring the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing. I am pleased that global commemorations have focused on a more inclusive story.

In this video, initially broadcast in November 2020 on Guide London’s social media channels, I give an introduction to the Mayflower voyage and ponder why this small group of settlers has a disproportionate legacy in American history. I also highlight some London links to this historic event.

For a more detailed tour (either an outdoor walk or virtual) that includes background on the Separatists’ origins and their time in Holland, as well as more stories about the Mayflower journey and the settlers’ first year in the New World, please contact me via the Guide London website.

Emily Baker

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