London Canary Wharf & Docklands Tour

Explore Canary Wharf, a vibrant city within a city and a stunning regeneration of London’s historic dockyards

A London Canary Wharf & Docklands Tour is unmissable because…

If you think you’ve seen all that London has to offer, head east to Canary Wharf and discover a buzzing business and cultural centre to rival the City of London. Built during the financial boom of the 1980s, this area was a magnet for world-leading architects like Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, and Cesar Pelli. Their gleaming skyscrapers, graceful piazzas, and beautifully landscaped gardens create a vibrant and innovative environment to work, live and visit.

Must-sees during a London Canary Wharf & Docklands Tour

  • Breathtaking modern architecture created for leading world companies like HSBC, Barclays, and Reuters.
  • One Canada Square – the icon of Canary Wharf, this office block stands 770ft tall and features Canary Wharf Group’s Level39, the world’s most connected tech community.
  • A subterranean town complete with shopping malls, gyms, and restaurants.
  • Beautiful public spaces where you can enjoy peaceful gardens and modern art installations.
  • Fantastic views across the River Thames of the City of London’s iconic skyline.
  • The fascinating Museum of London Docklands which charts the history of the docks and the lives of those who worked here.

Book a Blue Badge Tourist Guide for a London Canary Wharf & Docklands Tour because…

  • Your Guide will take you through the history of the area from the dockyard to international financial powerhouse.
  • You’ll learn about the very first docks built for the sugar and rum trade – both of which relied on slave labour.
  • Your Guide will tell you about the hard lives of the dockers and their families and what happened to them when the docks disappeared.
  • You’ll hear stories of smuggling and crime in the crowded docks where ships might wait days before they could unload.
  • You may extend your tour to include a visit to Royal Greenwich, a pretty little town and a popular film location featured in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Thor’, ‘Les Miserables’ and many others.
  • For another great example of urban regeneration, take a trip to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, venue of the 2012 Summer Games. It’s now a beautiful public space and an emerging cultural hub.

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